About Us


About us

Everything you need to enjoy life in your own back yard we have for you here at Whitney’s Farm. We are a full service garden center and farm market. We have your back yard and garden needs covered as well as fresh fruits, and vegetables, fresh baked items, and our signature sandwiches in our deli. We are a third generation farm, started in 1940 when my grandfather Charles Whitney operated as a dairy farm. My father Peter Whitney continued to run the dairy but also grew sweet corn and other crops which he sold from an old truck on the side of Route 8. My wife Michelle and I started running the business while we attended Stockbridge School of Agriculture at The University of Massachusetts. My father Peter and mother Eileen are still very active in the business. My Uncle Mike and Aunt Carolyn also work with us here on the farm. The fourth generation, our daughter’s Olivia and Sage will be helping us on the farm soon I’m sure. Our business has expanded substantially in the past 10 years. We have an amazing staff working here at Whitney’s to help you with your shopping needs. We are always looking for bright, energetic people to join our team. Please click the link below for a job application and email to whitneysfarm@gmail.com or stop in and drop it off in person.



We grow many types of annuals at Whitney’s. A true annual is a plant that completes its life cycle in one year. This means it goes from seed to seed and then dies off, during the course of one growing season.  Annuals help to add a splash of color to your garden and are perfect for patio pots and planters. Some annuals are frost tolerant and can be planted early and continue blooming into the fall. When choosing your annual, you should select the best plant for the location. Decide if you need a sun annual or a shade annual. Our staff is educated as to what will work in all your locations and are happy to answer any questions you may have.



Perennial plants are the backbone of every successful landscape and garden border. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and blooming seasons. Perennials grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter, returning in the spring, bigger and better with every passing season. Typically, they are grown from their root stock rather than seeding themselves as an annual plant does. We have a huge selection of Whitney’s grown perennials along with a wide selection of perennials grown by White Flower Farms and American Beauties. We do our best to locate and purchase the latest varieties as well as highest quality plants. We refresh our stock on a weekly bases throughout the season. Please check in frequently to what we have in stock. Our friendly staff is available to help you chose the right plant for your location.


Tropical and House plants

We carry a very large selection of tropical and house plants to beautify your home. We stock everything from mini pots for building a terrarium or fairy garden to large floor plants that are perfect for the office or home. We have the perfect plant for every light condition as well as plants to help clean the air. We also have a huge selection of tropical Hibiscus and Mandevilla exploding with color to add to your back yard and patio.


Aquatic plants and supplies

Water gardening has become very popular over the years. We can supply our customers with everything they need to build and run there water garden. We stock a very large selection of water plants such as water lettuce and Hyacinth which float on the surface of the water. We also have many other water loving marginal plants which sit near the top of the water. Water lilies are a must for color in your water garden. Check out our selection of pond fish, snails, and tadpoles to make your garden complete.


Garden Supplies

To build and maintain a beautiful garden and landscape you need more than just sunlight and water. We are a full service garden center. We offer a complete line of garden supplies including seeds and bulbs, fertilizers, mulch, plant remedies, water garden supplies, statuary and pottery, and potting soil. Organic fertilizers, plant remedies, and potting soil are also available. Having the right equipment and gear makes gardening feel less like work and more like fun. All of the tools you need are sold here for your convenience. Need a gift for your gardening friend? Stop in and let us help you find the perfect gift.