Firewood Pricing & FAQ

Fire Wood & Hardwood Pellet Ordering Information

Seasoned firewood is cut to custom sizes of 14” and 22” with a 2 cord minimum order, this size is readily available

Our average seasoned firewood cut is 16-17” ( standard cut is readily available)

Custom sizes can be cut but there is a wait as it needs to processed by our team.

All of our firewood is seasoned for at least a year and is a hardwood mix that includes maple, birch, beech, ash, oak, and cherry

*Our seasoned firewood is screened to removed bark, dirt and debris making it less messy and very clean

All seasoned firewood deliveries come with free fire starters.

2 cord can be delivered at one time and there is a ½ cord minimum for delivery

1 cord is 128 cubic feet

Super Sack Firewood $119 or 3/$300

–          1/3 of a cord

–          Arrives on a pallet

–          Come with free fire starter

–          Can be moved into garage or storage area, must have concrete flooring.

–          $10 deposit on bags, money will be returned when bag is returned

–          Regular delivery fee

Winter Firewood Special

            -2 cord $500 delivered. Plus delivery

            -4 cord $975 delivered. Plus delivery

Dry Creek Hardwood Pellets

            -1 ton pallets or 50 – 40 pound bags per pallet

            -Hardwood premium pellets

            -Regular Delivery fee applies

            – Price per bag $5.99, Price per ton $ 269.99

Regular Firewood pricing

            -1 cord $260 delivery not included

– Super Sack 1/3 cord $119 or 3/$300 delivery not included

            – ½ cord $150 delivery not included

            -1 yard $60 delivery not included