Firewood & Pellets



Hardwood Pellets prices per bag, $339.99 per ton

Firewood Price: 1 cord – $280

We season, cut, and split all of our firewood on site here at the farm. Our firewood is screened to removed bark, dirt and debris. Our average seasoned firewood cut is 16-17” and is readily available throughout the season. Our firewood can be cut to custom sizes of 14” and 22” with a 2 cord minimum order, this cut is something that we have readily available as well. 


If you are looking for a custom size other than the above sizes it can be cut but there is a wait as it needs to be processed by our team. All of our firewood is a hardwood mix that includes maple, birch, beech, ash, oak, and cherry. We offer delivery of firewood all year.


We can delivery up to 4 cord at a time and there is a ½ cord minimum for delivery.

We also carry dry creek hardwood pellets that are made from choice hardwoods and are specially formulated to optimize your stoves performance. We sell our hardwood pellets by the ton, or by the bag. We have a flatbed delivery truck with a Moffet forklift, which allows up to delivery your pellets to your with ease. Pick up of firewood and hardwood pellets is also available.

Seasoned, cut and split hardwood Firewood

Full cord $295

Dry Creek Hardwood Pellets

Ton $359.99

Bag $7.99